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News and notes for Season 4.5 ( 06/13/2008 10:58pm )


We had a news and notes thread for Season 4, which used to be pinned to the top of the forum. Since Season 4.0 has already aired, that thread doesn't have much relevance anymore. However, with the lengthy hiatus planned in between the two halves of the season, it makes sense to have a new "news and notes" thread for Season 4.5.

A new set of webisodes to be available later in 2008

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Sci Fi Channel will produce a new set of webisodes and make them available during the mid-season hiatus. No word yet on the exact date of release.

Season 4.5 to start in the 1st Quarter of 2009

There have been quite a few developments this week. First off, the president of the Sci Fi Channel confirmed that the 2nd half of the season will begin airing in 2009. But it will be the 1st quarter of 2009, so we know the episodes will start to air in January, February or March.

The second half of the season may expand to 11 or 12 episodes

Ronald Moore is writing the script for the series finale himself. Apparently the script contains so much material that it will probably be necessary to expand the series finale to 2 or 3 episodes. Thus, the back half of the season may include as much as 12 episodes, not the 10 episodes previously announced.

사실 몇일 전에 올려야됫지만 귀차니즘이몰려오는바람에 미루고미루다가 지금 올리게 됬음..

대충 번역하자면

4.5시즌이 시작하기전에 하는 웨비소드들은 2008년 말쯤 방영한다고하네요..
시즌들을 엮어주는 짤막한 내용이니 볼만할거같습니다.

4.5시즌은 2009년 1분기때 시작한답니다
대략 4시즌시작한것처럼 2월후반 3월 초에 시작할거같네요

4.5시즌은 10~12에피소드로 이루어질수있다고합니다.

10화에서 충격적 사건이후니 매우 궁금해집니다