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Gems Protocol Talk

Gems is raising like $12m the market is giving things worse than gems a valuation higher than $1B. Yes, one billion. You will make money as long as the market is somewhat healthy.
This is essentially arbitrage
Welcome to bubble mode economics
How do you think Mark Cuban sold a shitty website to Yahoo in 1999 for $5.7B?

Gems: Introducing the Gems Community Program

"With this post, we have answered one large question: yes, there will be a pre-sale. The pre-sale metrics will be announced over the next few weeks, and the Gems Community form must be filled out by January 8th. Please stay active in the Gems Telegram for further updates. For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to me directly: @RoryOReilly on Telegram. Thank you once again for being part of Gems."

Things that you can read

Gems: Pressing Fast-Forward on our next industrial revolution

You can get involve with Gems via Telegram